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专访谷歌CEO拉里佩奇 为何霸主级科技公司会走向衰败

专访谷歌CEO拉里佩奇 为何霸主级科技公司会走向衰败

本文摘要:Google is at the top of its game, and its chief executive, Larry Page, is pursuing a growing number of ambitious “moon shots” that could transform transportation, medicine, the Internet itself, and more. Page’s intensity of purpose and his


Google is at the top of its game, and its chief executive, Larry Page, is pursuing a growing number of ambitious “moon shots” that could transform transportation, medicine, the Internet itself, and more. Page’s intensity of purpose and his company’s GOOG 1.13% stellar financial results earned him recognition as Businessperson of the Year in Fortune. (See the cover story of our Dec. 1, 2014 issue, “Larry Page–The most ambitious CEO in the universe.”)谷歌(Google)早已车站在了行业的巅峰,该公司首席执行官拉里o佩奇正在找寻更加多充满著野心的“搜月计划”,这些前沿项目未来将会转变运输、医药、互联网以及其他行业。佩奇深爱的坚定信念,以及谷歌傲人的财务业绩,让他沦为今年的《财富》(Fortune)年度商业人物。(请求看2014年12月1日《财富》封面故事:《拉里o佩奇——全宇宙最有野心的首席执行官》。

)In a wide-ranging interview ahead of the article’s publication, Page discussed with Fortune why dominant technology companies fade and how Google hopes to evade that fate, among other things. Here are a few excerpts of his words from that interview, edited for clarity.在文章公开发表前就一系列话题拒绝接受《财富》采访时,佩奇谈及了为何霸主级的科技公司不会南北衰落,谷歌打算如何避免这一命运等问题。以下内容摘录自这次专访,为了阐释明晰,文章展开了一定的编辑。

On why dominant tech companies fail:为何霸主级的科技公司不会告终?I’m always asking the question, as the company has grown from a hundred people, “Would I want to work for Google?” I think in general the answer is “yes.” Part of my focus has also been making sure that we’re creating an environment for people who want to ask those questions and want to be curious and want to be entrepreneurial and want to do things that are really impactful for the world.谷歌最初仅有100位员工,一路走过,我仍然在告知一个问题:“我不愿为谷歌工作吗?”我想要总体来说,我的答案是:“不愿。”而我注目的重点之一,就是要保证我们为那些不愿问这些问题、想维持好奇心和创业精神、并且期望做到些事情来转变世界的人营造一个较好的环境。If I look at most of the tech companies that I felt have kind of reached a plateau or have generally atrophied or something like that, I would say “no,” they weren’t a good home for people who wanted to do those things. In general they kind of kept doing the same thing, kind of eking out a little bit more scale but not really being a place where people want to continue to really do impactful things.如果去想到大部分我实在早已超过瓶颈,甚至早已开始衰落的科技公司,我想要我的答案都会是:“不不愿。


On how Google’s fabled moonshots—self driving cars, nano-particles for cancer detection—fit into the arc of the company:谷歌如何把自动驾驶汽车、临床癌症的纳米颗粒这类前沿项目划入公司的规划?It doesn’t feel all that different than it’s felt before to me in the past. I remember when we started Gmail. Everyone was upset with us, including people in the company, like, “Why are we working on email? We’re a search company.” [We were] less than two hundred and fifty people I think when we started Gmail, and we were talking about that even before that. I think that was pretty ambitious, given the scale of the company.和以前做到的事情比起,我没有实在这些计划有那么尤其。我忘记当我们启动Gmail项目时,每个人都对我们回应了困惑,还包括公司的同事,他们不会回答:“我们为什么要去做到电子邮件?我们是搜寻公司。

”最初做到Gmail时,我们公司只有将近250人,而甚至在那之前我们就开始辩论这个计划了。考虑到当时公司的规模,我指出那感叹雄心勃勃的计划。So given that we have forty thousand people now [Google employs about 55,000 people, actually. —Ed.], the fact that we’re working on the [self-driving] car doesn’t feel that ambitious to me.现在我们早已有4万人了(编者注:实质上谷歌目前有5.5万员工),所以着手做自动驾驶汽车,在我看来并没有那么雄心勃勃。

On seizing the opportunity in mobile:如何逃跑移动产品的机遇?I think my job as CEO, it’s always to be pushing people ahead. If I were to look at the percentage of people [working] on mobile, it’s not 100% in the company. And nor should it be 100%. But it should probably be larger than it is.我指出作为首席执行官,就是要推展所有谷歌人大大前进。想到我们公司移动部门的员工比例,他们并不占到公司全部员工人数的100%,当然这个比例也不应当是100%。

但是移动部门的员工比例应当比现在更高些才是。I think externally if you asked people on the Street, they’re going to worry mostly about monetization [on mobile]. And I think we’re doing pretty well there. There’s always more work to be done. I think that search is working well on mobile, the ads on search are working well on mobile.我想要如果你问华尔街的人,他们最担忧的应当是怎么通过移动产品赚钱。而我实在我们在这方面做到得有趣。我们总有很多事情可以做到。

我指出搜寻与移动产品与众不同得很好,在搜索引擎中植入广告的效果有趣。But the work at this stage is probably more disruptive in nature too. We really need to say, “Well, if you’re on mobile, maybe it’s easier to call someplace, or it’s easier to visit the place, or it’s easier to have help with those things.” So maybe the ads should look a little different or work differently.不过,这个阶段的工作在本质上有可能极具颠覆性。


On the recent reorganization that put the fast-rising Sundar Pichai in charge of most Google products:为什么要在最近的管理结构重组中让后起之秀桑德尔o皮采负责管理大部分谷歌产品?I only have 24 hours in a day, and any time I can delegate some things, I should. I’ve been working with Sundar for a long time. And I just started to realize that a lot of the stuff that came to me because of our organizational structure around some of the product decision-making that happens day-to-day, he could do a tremendous job of, and that would free me up then to do more things.我每天只有24个小时,因此应当尽量把工作委派过来。我与桑德尔共事了很长时间。我不久前开始意识到,由于公司的的组织结构所致,每天我都得处置大量产品决策的问题,而他可以在其中老大上相当大整天,这可以把我解放出来,我就能做到更加多事情了。On former Ford and Boeing CEO Alan Mulally, Google’s newest board member, who has become Page’s latest go-to advisor on management issues:曾多次兼任福特(Ford)和波音(Boeing)首席执行官的艾伦o穆拉利重新加入谷歌董事会,兼任佩奇的新一任首席管理顾问,这种决定出于何种考虑到?I’m excited about trying to spend more time with him and really learn the lessons he’s learned about how to run organizations well and efficiently. And I think I do a pretty good job of that, but I mean, he’s like an A+ on that scale, and I think there are things I can learn from him.我很兴奋能试着和他相处更加长时间,并确实教给一些他在高效流畅地运营公司上的经验。

我实在我在这方面做到得有趣,但我的意思是,他在这方面更为出众,有一些地方有一点我自学。On why Inbox—the company’s new, mobile-first email application—has features like reminders that make certain message pop up at different times:为何谷歌为移动设备研发的新款电子邮件应用于Inbox享有警告这类特色功能,可以让特定信息在有所不同时段自动弹出有?You know one of the things they’re trying to do is really make it easier to keep track of tasks. We have Post-It notes. Why do we have those? I mean it’s kind of ridiculous. We have them because the software is not that good yet. A lot of times people actually will send an email to themselves, which is kind of insane when you think about it. It’s not really designed for that, and it gets lost after a while. So I think that’s one of the examples, when you’re really thinking about mobile, the kind of problems you need to solve are different.你告诉,这个团队正在试着做到的事情之一,就是确实让用户便利地注目自己要做到的事情。日常生活中我们不会中用便利贴(Post-It)。



这知道不是设计邮件的原意,随着时间的流逝,这款产品或许有些艾米。我实在这就是一个相比较,解释当你在考虑到移动产品时,必须解决问题的可能会是其他问题。On Google’s original mission to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”:请求你总结一下谷歌最初的愿景:“统合全球信息,使人人均可采访并借此获益”。I think the mission statement is probably a little bit too narrow and we’re thinking about how to do that a little more broadly. But I do think we’ve been talking about it for a while and I think it’s pretty obvious what we’re doing.我实在这个愿景的范围有点武断,我们于是以试着看如何扩展它。

不过我显然指出,我们就这个问题早已辩论了一段时间,我们在做到什么早已很显著了。We’re also trying to do something that not many other people seem to be trying to do, which is to make some big bets on some important areas. To make those things really real and to make sure they’re great products for people and they have real positive impact on people and the world.我们也在试着做到一些其他人不太会尝试的事情,在一些最重要的领域遣下重注。我们想要确实构建那些创想,并确保它们是最出色的产品,需要对用户、对世界产生大力的起到。

I feel a little bit we’re in uncharted territory. Because I think that what we’re trying to do, you know I can’t just look to another company and say, “Oh, we should do roughly what another company is doing.”我感觉我们是在不得而知的领域探寻,因为我们尝试的事情不过于一样。你告诉,我无法去看其他公司然后说道:“噢,我们也做到个类似于的东西。”To me it feels like the world as a whole is very subscale. When I see important things like the self-driving cars or even search itself, and I say is there really enough resource going into that. And I don’t think that there is. It could use a lot more resource to make those things better.对我来说,世界作为一个整体是非常精彩的。




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